Stand Up and Stop the Bullies!

Any website that promotes negative reviews over positive ones should not be taken seriously. Why would any online advertising company be engaged in such activity? Using a filter to hide positive customer reviews, while promoting negative ones is absolutely evil. We’ve seen videos online of people who have gone out of business due to these abusive practices. Business owners should have the option to remove their business listing from any site that is engaged in such activities.

Beware of negative reviews. In some circles, they are used as a tool for manipulation.

Beware of agent provocateurs posing as customers: They are selfish, self centered, and can be very explosive when they do not get their way. They are quick to judge others, and are now using the Internet; seeking prominence through notorious sites that promote their new found hobby – negative review writing, which in many cases are unwarranted. Quite aware of the damage and havoc they wreak in other people’s lives, yet unable through a human perspective to say that is wrong. Lawlessness prevail: Thou shall covet and be a false witness against thy neighbor is the dominant mantra of the day. Bad is good and wrong is right.

Post all of your negative reviews history right here.